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Give your Team the power of Brainstorming with AI

Step into the future of brainstorming with Ideamap, where artificial intelligence elevates your team’s collaborative thinking. Streamline your sessions, enhance creativity, and turn ideas into action, effortlessly – free plan available.

Picture this: a brainstorming session where ideas flow like a river, without interruptions or creative blocks. Enter Ideamap, a tool designed to revolutionize the way teams forge and foster ideas. At its core, Ideamap makes room for everyone’s voice, aided by a suite of AI tools that turn the fleeting into the concrete and the imaginable into the doable.

From inception to execution, Ideamap infuses AI into brainstorming. Need a jumpstart? AI-curated topics and thought-provoking icebreakers kick off conversations that matter. Ideas begin spreading their wings with AI-generated visuals, feedback, and suggestions—nurturing seeds of thought into full-fledged concepts.

Fire up remote or in-person workshops in virtual rooms that double as collective minds. Sketch out concepts on an infinite canvas where real-time collaboration happens without hiccups. With Ideamap, you’re not just keeping track of the conversation; you’re painting a picture of collective creativity that inspires and aligns with your goals.

And the best part? The magic doesn’t end when the meeting does. AI-assisted features such as idea categorization and topic detection make follow-up as exciting as the brainstorming itself. Now you can spend less time organizing notes and more time cultivating the next big idea.

Whether you’re in marketing, product development, or strategy – Ideamap’s one-of-a-kind workspaces mean everyone’s insights are valued and visible. Dive into a world where brainstorming sessions are powered by intelligence, spurring innovation and shaping the future one idea at a time. Transform your team’s potential into tangible results with Ideamap, the AI visual brainstorming platform that makes creating together not just more productive – but a fun and playful excercise.



Paid plans start from $7/mo

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