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ClassPoint AI

Generate quiz questions from PowerPoint slides.

(8 reviews)

ClassPoint AI is an AI-powered tool that generates quiz questions from PowerPoint slides. It uses advanced AI technology to analyze slide content and create thought-provoking questions with just one click.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Question Generation: ClassPoint AI analyzes slide content and generates thought-provoking quiz questions with just one click.
  • Multiple Question Formats: Users can choose from multiple question formats, including multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blanks, to cater to diverse audiences.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels: The tool supports Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels, allowing users to tailor the cognitive complexity of the quiz questions.
  • Multi-Language Support: ClassPoint AI supports multiple languages, enabling educators to reach a wider audience and enhance inclusivity.
  • Seamless Integration: Users can easily integrate the generated quiz questions into their PowerPoint presentations with options to generate another question, check the correct answer, or save the question as a slide.

Use Cases:

  • Educators and teachers looking to create interactive quizzes from PowerPoint slides.
  • Presenters who want to engage their audience with thought-provoking quiz questions during presentations.
  • Trainers and facilitators seeking to enhance participant engagement and comprehension during training sessions.
  • Professionals delivering webinars or workshops who want to incorporate interactive elements for audience interaction and knowledge assessment.

ClassPoint AI simplifies the process of quiz question generation, empowering educators, presenters, and trainers to create interactive learning experiences effortlessly.


Desktop App

8 reviews for ClassPoint AI

  1. James

    Looks like a brilliant idea! already joined the waitlist.

  2. Tiara

    I’m on the waitlist! Can’t wait to get access, I heard it’s a superb tool!

  3. Dianne Adlawan

    ClassPoint AI is a game changer! It saves up time and easily help me to manage my productivity. It’s AI technology is very advanced!

  4. Hebah Alsarhan

    A great tool that will change the future of exams and save time!

  5. Lara Jean

    ever since i use this, my students are never bored again. great interactive presentation!

  6. Margot

    I used to spend hours on quiz preparation. With this, I can save up lots of time to do other things, this is very exciting.

  7. Vernon

    Truly a first of its kind – my PowerPoint slide IS the prompt! Nothing else!

  8. Sara

    Easy to use – whats better that that. With the addition of Bloom’s Taxonomy, I can really get the right question, or main ideas, of a question I’d like to ask

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