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AI Tool Details website is the fastest-growing and most comprehensive Chinese and English bilingual AI tools directory. Our site grew over 200K in both February and March from the previous month and have over 400K pageviews in past 28 days.

Here are two ways you can work with us:

1. Paid Sponsorship Partnership Options (30K+ monthly pageviews | 1,000 - 5,000 clicks | $100)

Boost your tool to the top of the homepage:

Featured Demo
Featured Demo|Screenshot:Home

Your tool will be shown first in the “Related AI Tools” section on the pages of tools of the same type:

Related AI Tools
Related AI Tools|Screenshot:LearnGPT
  • For 30 days, your product will be shown on the first spot of the homepage, unless other tools also add the “Sponsorship option” during this time.
  • If there is a new tool that also add the “Sponsorship option” during this period, it will be show in the first position on the homepage, your tool will be displayed second, and so on.
  • Only four tools labeled “Featured” will appear on the homepage, there won’t be a fifth, so your tools will always be on the top row of the homepage.
  • During this time, your tool’s info card with a gray border around it and “Featured” text on the image. If a user does a search or navigates to a category page, your tool will be shown first IF it matches the category/search term.
  • After 30 days, the partnership ends and the gray border around your tool’s info card, as well as the “Featured” text displayed on the image, will disappear. However, your products will still be ranked above those that have not yet been partnered with, and behind those that are still in the 30-day partnership period. Please see the following two pictures for details:

At the end of the cooperation, on the home page of the website, your tool will be displayed in front of the products that have not been cooperated, and appear after products that are still in cooperation:

Ranked In Front Of Products That Have Not Cooperated

At the end of the cooperation, your tool will still appear first in the “Related AI Tools” section of the similar tools page:

Top Ranked At Related AI Tools
Past Partners: LightPDF AI for Docs, GPTinf ..

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